The Problematic Trend of Squishy Truth

Liberals are all about feeling good instead of facing the truth.
Check it out:

The thing that troubles me here, folks, is that we are dumbing down every standard, every rule — and the problem with this is: How can there ever be excellence or real merit, when the standards are constantly being eroded? Maybe it’s nothing new. Maybe it’s something going on ever since the beginning of time. I’m sure it is. I just don’t believe it’s been happening on this scale.

If kids can’t read when they graduate, graduate ’em anyway. If they can’t pass their final to graduate, lower the standards. If somebody can’t pass a test to become a fireman, lower the standard. Too dumb to get into college? Lower the standard and raise the price. People too fat to be accepted in the military? Change the standard. We’re dumbing everything down, and it’s not gonna end well.

Because how can there really be excellence or even any real merit when there’s an asterisk by every achievement, which is where we’re headed. Then you couple that with the assault on achievement that is taking place in much of our culture and society, and it’s problematic. But the worst part is you end up lying to yourself, and you end up teaching the lesson that getting close is the same thing to accomplishing something, when it isn’t.



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