Politico: Wendy Davis The Victim!

Lying is not an issue liberals care about in the least.
Check it out:

Friday, Breitbart News reported that Politico has thus far published only three stories on Texas gubernatorial candidate and Democrat rising star Wendy Davis being caught fabricating her life story as a single teenage mother who put herself through school. The fact that Politico has shown almost no interest in the Davis scandal did not stop the left-wing outlet from running a lead piece Saturday that declares Davis “The Most Judged Woman In America.”

Judged where, exactly? Certainly not on the pages of Politico or the mainstream news media.

Moreover, the piece is written by Liza Mundy, who identifies herself as the program director at the New America Foundation. What Politico does not disclose, though, is that the New America Foundation is a left-wing organization — left-wing enough to attract the son of George Soros to its board. Politico is obsessed with every move anyone with the last name Koch makes, but not so much when it comes to a Soros-affiliated writer at their own site.



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