Please Spank Your Kids

Spoiled children who think they are entitled to everything is what is ruining this country since they never grow up.
Check it out:

Recently, a California court has sided with a mother who was placed on a state child abuse database after spanking her 12-year-old daughter. She claimed a parental right to impose reasonable discipline on her child, who was slacking off in school. The court agreed: “Reasonable” corporal punishment is a legitimate disciplinary measure.

Damn Straight!!

Let me tell you, I was not always the greatest kid and my parents did what had to be done. They would talk with me, explain things and spend time with me and my brother. My parents were and are great role models but I’m here to tell ya I definitely got my behind whooped.

Guess what? I deserved it.

My dad was very serious about the whole thing. I would get into trouble, back-talking, or being disrespectful, which were both spanking offenses. He would send me to my room and I would have to wait patiently. Then he’d come in and explain why I was there, what I did wrong and what he expected of me in the future – often with a story where we would both laugh. Then he would stand up, take off his belt and I assumed the position.



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