Pennsylvania voter ID law struck down

It is absolutely ridiculous to say that it is a burden to show an ID. Liberals love that it is easy to commit fraud at the voter box.
Check it out:

Pennsylvania’s voter ID law, among the nation’s most stringent, was struck down Friday morning by a state judge.

Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley ruled that the law, requiring almost all voters to present photo identification prior to voting, was an unreasonable burden on voters.

He said the free voter ID that residents were entitled to under the law was insufficiently available, only at 71 drivers license centers located across the state. Several counties had no such centers and others were only open two days a week, leading McGinley to rule that the law “unnecessarily burden[s] the hundreds of thousands of electors who lack compliant photo ID.”

McGinley also said the state failed to demonstrate the law was necessary to preserve the integrity of elections, as they “wholly failed to show any evidence of in-person voter fraud” either occurring or being in imminent danger of occurring.



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