A Peace Prize for Snowden?

We wouldn’t know about what the NSA has been doing if it wasn’t for Snowden.
Check it out:

It’s totally upside down. The Nobel Peace Prize has been a joke for I don’t know how long. I mean, Algore getting a Nobel Peace Prize for propagating a hoax? It’s a hoax that they all believe in, but it’s a hoax. Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize and he hasn’t done anything. He literally got the peace prize on the come because they thought Obama was going to bring peace to the whole world.

They thought Obama was gonna bring universal love and devotion to everybody. Obama, by virtue of his presence, was going to end terrorism and all that. These people are a laughingstock. They’re an absolute joke. They are an embarrassment. There are people in the Nobel committee, I guarantee you, that would no doubt look at Snowden as a legitimate nominee because he’s done things to hurt America.

Remember, America is the focus evil, even with Obama. See, nothing’s changed in that regard. Obama was supposed to change all that. We were supposed to be loved and adored and respected all over again, and the same clowns still hate us — and they’re going to hate us no matter who the president is. They’re going to hate us because we are the lone superpower.



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