Pastor Defends Richard Sherman

Seems to be a lot more defense of Sherman all of a sudden. Seems like the guy who got an un-sportsman flag should be taken for the punk he is. It is a shame that this has become the story for such a great game.
Check it out:

I’m not telling anyone that they shouldn’t be harsh on Richard Sherman or that they must love him, but I am critical of the bandwagon that would stone a guy based on someone sticking a mic in his face, ten seconds after he’s just been in a brawl. In today’s game, all the prima donnas are receivers, they’re divas, and it’s not even debatable. And now, Goodell’s NFL has exacerbated that by putting an imaginary zone of protection around them.

There are only a handful of guys that can still own the best receivers in the business even though all the cards are stacked against them. The “shut-down” corner is a Jedi! And when they nullify the best athletes in the game they deserve a little leeway to chirp about it!

Richard’s critics are upset that he’s not Luke Skywalker and they speak of him as if he’s Darth Vader – but Sherman is neither, he’s talented, rebellious and a bit bent – he’s Han Solo. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of a league full of Lukes! There is nothing more pathetic than the typical athlete in an interview – “At the end of the day, (insert inanity here).” ”It was a real team effort.” “We’re taking it one game at a time.” ”For an 0-11 team, they’re really solid, well coached and loaded with talent.”



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