Overconfidence Doesn’t Keep Conservatives Home

Conservatives want to vote for conservatives. It would be a nice change.
Check it out:

The four million people that stayed home in 2012, the Republicans that didn’t vote, didn’t stay home ’cause they thought it was in the bag. They didn’t stay home because they thought the media had rigged the polls. They didn’t stay home because they thought their votes weren’t needed. They stayed home because they were angry at the Republican Party for nominating another Northeastern moderate. They’re tired of giving them money. They’re tired of the Republican Party not doing the best they could do to win.

ow, I understand every time we get a story in the Drive-By Media about how the fortunes of the Democrat Party all of a sudden don’t look so good, you get suspicious, and you think that we’re being tricked, that the media is trying to lull us into a false sense of security. And I’m telling you — would it work on you? I don’t think, where the Republican Party’s concerned, you’re capable of being optimistic, frankly. I think all of us are too suspicious. None of us are just gonna sit around and let something happen here because the Politico has a story that the Democrats are in trouble. What we’re gonna be asking, “Why don’t the Republicans get in gear and really cement it?”

Now, I understand the trepidation here, but when I say “not capable of optimism about this,” I’m simply saying, I don’t think there’s that much faith. Our side doesn’t think things can happen without them being involved. The Tea Party isn’t gonna sit at home and say, “Oh, man, it’s in the bag. You see what the Politico said? The Democrats are giving up on the House.” It’s not gonna fool anybody.



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