Obama’s Deranged New Yorker Interview

Obama is so stuck on himself that these things come out when talking to fellow liberals.
Check it out:

This is Remnick writing. This is an 18-page interview as it scrolls on the Internet. “As Obama ticked off a list of first-term achievements — the economic rescue, the forty-four straight months of job growth, a reduction in carbon emissions, a spike in clean-energy technology — he seemed efficient but contained, running at three-quarters speed, like an athlete playing a midseason road game of modest consequence.”

Now, folks, that’s delusional. That’s psycho-something. He’s sitting there, he’s ticking off these wonderful achievements of the past five years. The economic rescue? What economic rescue? We’re in the middle of an economic disaster. Forty-four straight months of job growth? Where? In whose world? Ninety-two million Americans are not working. You have to go back to Jimmy Carter’s first term to find economic consequences as dire. Ninety-two million Americans not even in the workforce, a majority of those not even trying to find a job.

So he’s sitting there in this interview, and he’s rattling this stuff off, they’re his achievements. And the writer, “Oh, yeah, yep, you’re the greatest president ever,” writes this stuff down. Now, as he sat there, did he actually believe this stuff? That’s why this is, you know, delusional, illusory, psycho-something. So he concludes: I’ve done all this great stuff, stimulus and job growth, economic rescue, and my approval numbers… it has to be because the bitter clingers are a bunch of racist pigs.

Now, I maintain to you that that is cowardly. That is beneath the office. He was elected for crying out loud, twice. How does he explain that? He was considered a messiah. He wouldn’t have won the presidency were it not for white voters. Forget why they voted for him. Some because they wanted to get rid of the idea that the country was racist and they thought this would do it. Some because they believed that he was a new kind of politician we’d never seen before. Some because they believed he was this great unifier and was gonna get rid of all the strife and the arguing and the bipartisanship and the countries around the world were gonna love us and the terrorists would stop terrorizing us. Some believed that, but those that voted for him on those beliefs were not at all concerned about his race.

I mean, this is character deficient to sit there and whine about this. Maybe if you lose the first time. Maybe if you’re the first black presidential candidate and you lose, maybe you go out, “Yeah, well, the country is probably not ready for a black president.” But you can’t say, with Oprah Winfrey, all of the black movie stars, wealth and so forth in this country that they’re amassing, middle class black success and the first black president, “Well, my approval numbers are in the tank because the country’s racist.” That’s cheap. That’s cheap. And it’s beneath the dignity, I think, of the office and whoever occupies it.



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