Obamacare: Do Young People Have Any Idea What They’re Paying For?

But young people aren’t signing up.
Check it out:

Hey, do you young people know — I’m a making this up. In terms of Obamacare, the target demographic to sign up is young people, Millennials, and primarily young men. And they happen to be the smallest group that is signing up. The most needed enrollees are the fewest. The theory, you need young men who are working, who are healthy, buying health insurance but not making any claims because they’re healthy. And the money that they spend, theoretically, will fund health care for our beloved and respected seasoned citizens, who need health care daily because they’re old and decrepit and infirm and everything else.

Well, it turns out that young men are the slowest to sign up because they’re figuring out, precisely because they are healthy, that they don’t need health insurance. They’d rather pay the penalty. There’s also the sad reality, none of ’em have jobs and none of ’em have any money to enroll anyway, which I can’t believe more people don’t discover as the primary reason the target demo is not signing up. Look at all the assumptions in this that are nutso. The assumptions: young guys, everybody wants health insurance. They’ll sign up. They’ll pay the freight, but they’re healthy, making no claims, therefore they’re not gonna cost us anything. We’ll take the money they’re spending and we’ll spend that on treating the elderly.

Do they not look at the unemployment situation? These people that are target demo are not working. Do they not see this? Do they not see that the target audience has no money? Do they not understand that the target demo is gonna find every which way possible not to do this as a matter of principle? These are people of an age that will automatically reject and rebel against authority. You tell ’em they have to do something, they’ll do the exact opposite.

So, anyway, the best laid plans of the brilliant inside-the-Beltway elites have crumbled by the wayside. However, there is this little bitty news item here that ran in the Washington Times earlier this week. “A government investigator found that Medicare is paying twice the amount for erection assistance devices compared to private providers.”



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