Obama set to announce ‘practical’ agenda focusing on immigration, income equality

More like Obama set to give a record number of lies in less than one hour!
Check it out:

President Obama is expected in his annual address Tuesday to detail what he calls “practical” proposals to advance the country in 2014, including ones to improve economic opportunities for every American and to fix the nation’s immigration system.

But Obama will also make clear his intentions to use his executive powers to achieve his goals when Congress fails to pass legislation.

“The Republican Congress is not going to rubber-stamp the president’s agenda,” White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told “Fox News Sunday.” “And the president is not going to sign the Republican Congress’ agenda.”

Obama, in an effort to avoid the appearance of being a lame duck president, is also expected in his State of the Union address to press Congress to extend long-term unemployment benefits and to assure Americans that they are better off with ObamaCare, despite a rocky start to the website rollout.



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