Obama Says Paying People Not to Work Creates Jobs

Are there jobs in your area? Have your business friends told you how they can’t find workers? Maybe Obama needs to listen out on the street instead of trying to make a talking point.
Check it out:

This guy is an absolute economic idiot. He’s sitting here, he’s touting the benefits of unemployment insurance for the last 20 minutes. And the first thing that comes to my mind is, wait a minute, I thought we had this great economic recovery going because of him and because of his astute, brilliant policies. I thought the president had given us an economic recovery and we’re starting to come back here. They’re reporting fourth quarter growth at 4%. Did you hear that?

By the way, they’re using new metrics to measure. It’s nowhere near growing at 4%. But that’s what they’re saying. And, in the midst of all of this economic growth and all of this economic rebound, the most important thing is avoiding another government shutdown and extending unemployment benefits. The president just said that unemployment benefits actually create new jobs. Now, stop and think about that for a second. Unemployment benefits create new jobs. What is unemployment insurance? It is paying people not to work.

Let’s change the term. Let’s get rid of “unemployment insurance” and let’s call it “paying people not to work.” The president of the United States just said to resounding applause — well, I’m not sure that got applause. The only thing that’s really gotten any applause in the White House, he’s got all kinds of people standing behind him, is when he said we can’t dare have another government shutdown. That got a standing ovation. So it tells you the kind of people in the room.



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