Obama’s whole life is a soap opera. Nothing but fake.
Check it out:

President Obama returned to Washington from his 17-day vacation in Hawaii yesterday, great relief for the Drive-By Media, which can now resume their soap opera. Several articles out today outlining the plot lines for the upcoming months of the soap opera in Washington that is called the news. There is no news. It’s all a soap opera. The plot lines are, “Can Obama successfully save Obamacare? Can Obama overcome the mean Republicans and extend emergency unemployment benefits? Can Obama do something about income inequality?” Those are the main plot lines of the Washington soap opera today.

Back with much more after this. Oh. That’s right, you know what? I got screwed up. I looked at the clock and I’ve got more time than I thought.

So it’s exactly what is happening, folks. French News Agency: “Obama Back from Pacific Break to Face Sea of Troubles.” They got to take the focus off Obamacare. It continues to be a total disaster. And so minimum wage, income inequality, and extending unemployment benefits, those are the soap opera plot lines. You’ve probably already seen them talked about already in the news.

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