Was Obama Pitching His Independent Film During the SOTU?

Very good point.
Check it out:

Was President Barack Obama talking to Congress or pitching his independent film during his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night? That’s what Jon Stewart wants to know.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Stewart lit into the President for opening his speech with a series of stories about ordinary Americans, something that sounded a lot more like a movie pitch.

“Oh boy, strap in everybody,” Stewart said. “All right, it looks like he’s going to mention everybody in America by name.”

The President’s speech was so lacking in teeth, the host concluded that Obama must have taken a course from the Learning Annex on “passive aggression for Jewish mothers.” Then Stewart joked that he was going to guilt everyone into calling their moms — only to hear that Obama had done exactly that.

“Don’t you ever talk about my mother!” Stewart exclaimed.



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