Obama eyes political comeback in 2014

That would mean he’d need to tell the truth, which is impossible.
Check it out:

President Obama had a rough 2013 that will no doubt have him searching for a comeback — amid no shortage of unsolicited advice and New Year’s resolutions for a better 2014 and overall second term.

The president’s year didn’t start off so poorly — being serenaded by James Taylor in January during his second-term swearing-in, then walking down Pennsylvania Avenue to the cheers of thousands of well-wishers in a parade celebrating his decisive, re-election victory a few months earlier.

However, Obama’s political power began to wane soon after, starting with his failed effort to tighten federal gun laws in the wake of two mass shootings and concluding with the disastrous rollout of his signature health care law.

Obama’s job approval rating continued to fall as the HealthCare.gov website continued to malfunction and millions of Americans learned they, in fact, could not keep their existing insurance policies — earning him PolitiFact’s lie-of-the-year award.



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