New Yorkers Scared by “Devil Baby”

What will this do to real run away baby strollers? Maybe we need a government study.
Check it out:

Folks, before we get started here I have to tell you, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m gonna tell you about it. Apparently, there’s a new movie coming out called Devil’s Due, and the people behind the movie have come up with a really clever way of promoting it. They created a motorized baby carriage, and they created a motorized baby, and the baby has been made up. It looks real and it looks devilish.

They have put the baby in a baby carriage, remote controlled, and they’re driving it around New York. It is covered by a blanket, people think it’s an abandoned baby. They walk up to the carriage, they uncover it, and they’re scared. They just run away. They scream. The baby starts puking on them as in the movie The Exorcist. It flips them off, it shouts at them, and it’s hilarious to watch these people literally get scared to death and start running away.

And then there are a couple of people totally unmoved by it. It’s just hilarious. It’s impossible to describe this thing with any justice. I just indiscriminately found it while doing show prep. It’s at the Drudge Report and it’s in the upper right-hand column. So if you have a chance and you want to go there and have a good laugh, it’s a great way to promote this movie. I had never even heard of the movie until I saw this video. I had Snerdley come in and watch. He was laughing uproariously in here. It’s one of those things I wish I had done. It’s one of those practical jokes on people that you wish you had had a part in. It just works flawlessly. And of course New Yorkers are supposed to be unfazed by anything. And it’s just the opposite.



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