Mitt: Why I Still Believe In America

Hopefully people remember their regrets when they go to the polls this year.
Check it out:

The documentary “Mitt” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this month, and debuted on Netflix Friday afternoon. For the two-time Republican presidential hopeful who has received more than his fair share of scrutiny, “Mitt” gives a behind-the-scenes look at the man, more than the political machine that sought to put him in the White House.

It was a refreshing take on the former Massachusetts Governor, who was frequently portrayed by his political opponents as an out-of-touch wealthy businessman who couldn’t understand the common American. Instead, we get a glimpse of a man of strong family and even stronger faith. Both of which drove Romney to pursue the Oval Office not once, but twice.

The support system that is seen within the Romney clan is that of a Hallmark Channel movie. Mitt and Ann rely on each other for energy and motivation, their love clearly transcending the turmoil that followed them as they fought past primary challengers, through challenging debates, and realized they’d come up short.



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