Michelle Obama’s nutritious lunch program FAILED

Liberals always fail at government.
Check it out:

I’m surprised that Michelle Lunch Program Obama hadn’t issued a proclamation, “If you like your nutrition plan, you can keep your nutrition plan.”
Because one of her first acts as First Lady was to serve America’s school children crap.

That’s why schools had to go BACK to “junk meals.” And apparently they get to keep them. As reported in Medical Daily:

In a reversal, the Obama administration on Thursday announced they would permanently relax [emphasis added] unpopular nutrition rules for the federal school lunch program.

The rules were intended [emphasis added] to fight childhood obesity by lowering calories and portion sizes, but proved wildly unpopular with students and parents throughout the country.

Let’s wait to see what the definition of “relax” is. And I love that Liberals always have programs that “intend” to do the things that they never accomplish. In Michelle Obama’s case, her “get fit” school lunch program cut down on obesity, while increasing anorexia, because the kids refused to eat it!



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