Media Declares Victory Over Christie

The liberal media just loves when they think they’ve stuck it to a Republican. Luckily this time it wasn’t a conservative.
Check it out:

The Drive-By Media think they have done it, they have destroyed Christie. Now, you may be seeing polling data that shows in New Jersey Christie’s more people popular right now than he was before Bridgegate. Not so fast, folks. F. Chuck Todd. Here, grab the sound bite. Grab number four. F. Chuck Todd on the Today show today. The cohost Savannah Guthrie said, “Hey, Chuck, I want to look at the matchup. This is where you see the most profound impact when you look at how Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie match up a month ago versus today. What do we have, Chuck? What do we have?”

TODD: “A month ago it was basically a dead even race, and that was his best asset, the idea that he’s the one Republican that can stop the big front-runner on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton. Now it’s a 13-point lead for her. All of a sudden Chris Christie is polling no better than any other generic Republican candidate, and because he already had problems with conservatives. If he doesn’t have electability on his side, this is how this bridge mess has had a real impact on his future.”

And they’ve done it. In their minds, they’ve done it. This was the objective. To hell with these polls that show Christie more popular in New Jersey or maybe even more popular all over the country. That doesn’t matter. The reason they went after Christie is because he was leading Hillary by two points, so it’s a statistical tie, margin of error. In two different polls he was leading Hillary in a presumptive presidential race. And after a week, maybe 10 days, of the Drive-Bys relentlessly hammering Christie on Bridgegate, they think they’ve done it now. They’ve taken him from a dead heat to down 13 versus Hillary. They think they’ve done it, folks. They think they have destroyed the only Republican who had even a slight chance of defeating Hillary. That’s what that sound bite means. F. Chuck could barely contain his happiness there, his joy.



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