How Many Trees Must We Plant to Compensate for the Stupidity of the Global Warming Cruisers Who Got Stuck in Ice?

Hopefully they make these idiots pay for their rescue.
Check it out:

The United States is the ultimate rescuer of these people because the ChiCom rescuers got stuck, and the New Zealand or Australia, whoever, the other ones got stuck, and it took the United States Coast Guard to go down there and get them. And that’s gotta be embarrassing because it portrays us as the superpower. And that flies in the face of the Obama agenda.

At any rate, the environmentalist wackos, I kid you not, are now calculating the number of trees that must be planted in order to compensate for all of the greenhouse gases produced by the rescue vessels. We have the original stuck expedition ship. Then we had the ChiCom rescue ship. Then we had the Australian rescue ship, the New Zealand rescue ship, and we had the United States rescue ship, and that’s a whole lot of global warming because of greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, fossil fuel engines in those boats. And so the environmentalist wackos are now calculating how many thousands of trees will have to be planted to offset the carbon footprint of the prolonged rescue effort, which is not yet over, by the way.

Isn’t this a great thing? All you have to do to get rid of your guilt is start planting trees. Man, what a great thing. You go out and you pollute and you create global warming and you cause all kinds of greenhouse gases, and then to fix it you just go out and plant trees. The fanatics say they need to plant 5,000 trees to offset the carbon emissions used to rescue them. Five thousand. This is lunacy. This is absolute, total lunacy. But you know this is how Algore gets around his excessive carbon footprint.

There are phony tree planting charities that you can donate to. They don’t plant trees; they just say they do. They send you documentation they planted X-number of trees somewhere with the money you send them, and that gets you off the hook for using more than your share, or producing more than your share of greenhouse gases. So 5,000 trees, and that’s all it takes, 5,000 trees will wipe out whatever global warming damage the rescue effort did.



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