The “Make Nurses Doctors” Movement

The best idea would be to get government out of healthcare and let those who understand it decide things.
Check it out:

The SEIU is pushing for this, for nurses to become doctors, precisely on the basis of Josh’s call: It isn’t fair. The nurses are doing all of the work and the doctors are not showing up much. One of the arguments is, “Look, even if you don’t make ’em doctors, at least pay ’em a little more! They’re doing all the work. It isn’t fair, it isn’t fair!” There’s apparently a massive movement going on.

Well, I don’t know about “massive,” but it is being spearheaded by the SEIU.

There are also nurses. By the way, I have no dog in this fight, folks. Do not infer a tone in my voice here. There are nurses who want to consider their educations to be the equivalent of doctorates, and they want to be called doctors. Dr. Nurse Jones, Dr. Nurse Hilda, or what have you. So that is something that’s happening out there. But it is clear that there is a pretty high degree of resentment for doctors who are not doing very much and farming a lot of the day-to-day care off on the nurses.

The nurses are saying, “We need to be paid more. We’re the ones doing all the work, and they’re getting all the money,” and this is a union-led movement from what I’ve been able to find, again, just in a short period of research during the break. I mean, even as we speak, ladies and gentlemen, the one hospital in New York City that is not completely unionized is voting on signing up with the Service Employees International Union.

That hospital is Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. This is one reason why the SEIU has backed Obamacare so strongly. They’ve been trying to sign up as many members as they can by unionizing hospitals. Now, that may be a separate movement from what everybody is thinking is a fairness and an inequality issue. So that’s as much as I’ve been able to learn about this in the break.

As H.R. pointed out to me, this same kind of contretemps has occurred in the legal community with paralegals. After a while, they start thinking they’re the real thing, and the lawyers start farming more and more out to ’em, but they’re just para’s, and they’re thinking it’s a screwball arrangement. “We’re called ‘para’ so you don’t have to pay us anything.” It’s sort of like miniature interns. “We’re not para-anything. We end up doing all the work, and these guys are at the club or whatever it is they’re doing.



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