What Made America Exceptional?

We certainly have lost it as lazy liberals seem to have taken over everything as the takers outnumber the makers anymore.
Check it out:

I mean, this is one of the fundamental reasons why the United States became what it became. This acknowledgement that we are all endowed by our Creator — that would be God-d — with certain inalienable rights, among them, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. That is how we are born, that is where our freedom and liberty and humanity come from. It comes from God, not from government. It comes from God, not from law. It was huge! It was profound!

And that alone — I mean, you’ll hear Democrats cite that with supposed reverence, but that’s a big threat to them and a lot of other people who want as many people to believe as possible that, A, there isn’t a God. And, B, if there is, he doesn’t care about us; the job’s too big. And, really, our freedoms come from government and elected officials who care about us. That’s who’s really looking out for us. You can’t count on God for anything.

And then this whole notion that we’re all born with certain inalienable rights, that we’re all equated equal. Well, they’ll tell you right away that’s flawed because we’re not equal, and it’s their job to make us equal. So God screwed up, or the Founders screwed up, or somebody screwed up, and that’s what Obama’s whole take now is, his whole pitch is, this level of inequality and unfairness out there, and it’s his job to change that. And it isn’t his job. It’s not his right. It’s not his business. And precisely because we’re all different.

I mean, any explanation of American exceptionalism has to include the preamble of the Declaration of Independence. And again, American exceptionalism does not mean superior or better. It means why we are the exception to the way most human beings have lived and have been governed.



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