Liberals Unhappy with Diminished Obama

Can conservatives and liberals finally agree that Obama is a failure?
Check it out:

You remember back in the period of time 2007 and maybe 2006, when the economy was roaring here? We’re at 5% unemployment, real 5% unemployment. There isn’t any economic crisis. We’ve come out of two recessions, in 2001 and after the World Trade Center attack on 9/11, and the media is just trying as hard as they can to convince people we’re on the verge of a recession/depression.

Because they’re trying to get rid of Bush, and they’re trying to taint Republicans so that whoever the Democrat nominee for president is will win. They’re trying to tell everybody the war in Iraq is being lost and it’s immoral, it’s unjust. Remember all of that? I had a call from a guy who said, “I’m confused. I keep hearing it’s a bad economy, and I’m doing great. I mean, everything’s fine. I guess other people in my town aren’t doing well,” and he felt guilty about it — and that was the exact point.

You keep pounding people with how bad things are, but if they’re not bad for you, you are then gonna assume they’re bad for other people that you don’t know in places that you aren’t alive or living or visiting. So they tug on your heart strings and they make you feel guilty for succeeding and doing well in the midst of so much misery, when there isn’t any. What Obama was doing last night was targeted right to the low-information crowd.

I mean, he was trying to tell everybody, “Don’t believe what you hear. This economy has come back after five years! We are roaring. We have jobs being created left and right. People are getting health care left and right. People are going to college left and right. It’s never been better,” and, of course, that’s just as far away from the truth as you can get, but it was aimed at low-information people so that their conclusion is, “Well, golly! That’s all great.

“I may not be doing well yet, but my day is coming ’cause it’s really rocking out there,” and it was all the creation of a false image and everything that goes into that, the president trying to take credit for something that hasn’t happened, things that haven’t happened, based on his policies. It’s just psycho-something. But here are reactions among the informed voter set. You’d be amazed at the number of people on the Democrat side who were flat-out disappointed and worried and panicked over that speech last night.



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