Liberals Fret Over Obama, Swimming Up the River of History

Liberals will lie about it anyway.
Check it out:

This quote that he says to his staff, “We run the biggest organization, most powerful organization in the world.” What president looks at the United States government that way? “We run the most powerful organization in the world.” And then “speaks as if he’s a man caught in the maws of a larger machine, and he is not able to make a difference.” I think Obama’s frustrated that he has to deal with the Constitution, and I think that ticks him off. But the idea that Obama’s running around feeling defeated, I think it’s just the opposite. I think Obama has succeeded to some degree or another on all fronts in his project to transform the country.

I’ll bet if you can ever get him really honest, give him a couple of doobies, get him really honest, he would tell you he is stunned there hasn’t been any opposition. Now, publicly he’ll complain and whine about uncooperative Republicans. Privately, he and his consiglieri in the organization have to be telling each other to various degrees of disbelief that they can’t believe they’ve been able to do all of this with no opposition. And believe me, folks, they want to win the House in 2014 so that it’s smooth sailing, just rubber stamp whatever’s left to transform.

It may well be that Obama was a little surprised that it takes a long time to change the direction of a country this big. He might think, you know, his messianic mind-set, that just showing up that a hundred percent of the people would agree with him. Don’t think that’s out of the realm of possibility, seriously. But feeling defeated? That tells us more about Juan, I think, and other Obama supporters than it tells us about Obama.



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