How Liberals Would Deal with the Disadvantages of Single-Parent Families

Liberals basically want government to take care of them.
Check it out:

We get everybody high, we get everybody playing video games, we bring all achievers down to the same level as the non-achievers, and that’s the starting point. As part of doing this, I observed that it’s been confirmed that children from two-parent families do much better in life than children from single-parent families. It’s not a criticism of anybody. It’s just factual data analysis. It just happens to be true that kids that come from two-parent families do better.

Well, that naturally means that kids coming from two-parent families have an unfair advantage, through no fault of their own. It’s not their fault their parents stayed together, and it’s not their fault that kids in single-parent families are the product of divorce. So using the Obama/Democrat way of fixing this, I suggested that we might want to force every two-parent family to get a divorce, so that every child is coming from a single-parent family.

That way, everybody’s equal, at the lower end of the scale.

So everybody is starting off with the same level. Nobody has an advantage over anybody else. This is the way the Democrats approach it, right? Now, you can sit out there and you can get mad and you can think this is insensitive. I’m just telling you, this is the way reality manifests itself. If you let the Democrats do what they would do normally without any checks or balances, this is essentially what you’re gonna end up with.

If you doubt me, go to anyplace they run the show, and you take a look at how people are living. You take a look at the economy, take a look at the unemployment rolls, take a look at the culture. You take a look at anywhere they’re in charge. When the liberal left is running the show, you’ve got an absolute disaster. You’ve got homes being bulldozed; you’ve got high unemployment. You’ve got absolutely no economic opportunity and people moving away if they can.

This is the way the Democrats do things.



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