Liberals Believe in Trickle-Up Economics

He has a point here, but when you get technical they do believe in trickledown economics, but government provided trickle down.
Check it out:

Look, folks, I have a question here about tax cuts for poverty zones. I mean, what the hell? Because we just heard today that unemployment benefits create jobs. The president did a 45-minute event at the White House, if you’re just joining us. For those of you who have been listening the whole show, forgive me. I’m gonna bring people up to speed. There was a 45-minute event at the White House where the president said that unemployment benefits grow the economy.

He said that unemployment benefits create jobs, and he cited a woman named Kathy, and he said that if she gets unemployment benefits, it might create a job, maybe even for her. He said that with her unemployment check, she can turn her thermostat up and stay warmer, and that will benefit the utility company, and they might hire a worker; then he said that if Kathy gets her unemployment check, she might go to the grocery store and buy an additional dozen eggs or loaf of bread or something, and that might make the grocery store hire a worker, maybe even her.

So for 45 minutes, the president was surrounded by people who were applauding this lunacy. He said it, Pelosi said it, Dick Durbin said it on the Senate floor: Unemployment benefits create jobs. The White House on their website today says that unemployment benefits, the emergency extension, three more months of unemployment benefits, will create… Well, they didn’t say that. They said if we don’t do it, we could lose 240,000 jobs.

What the president said was that if we continue to pay people not to work, that we will create jobs. And that if we do not pay people not to work, then we will lose jobs. And he described it exactly as I told you. This woman, Kathy, goes to the store and turns her thermostat up, and utility company and the grocery store hire new workers. So, given that, what is this folderol, rigmarole about tax breaks for people who hire the unemployed? Why do they have to be hired if unemployment benefits create jobs?

If unemployment insurance creates jobs, and the concentration of unemployed is in poverty zones or poor areas, then why would Obama propose tax cuts for these areas to create jobs? Why not just expand unemployment insurance in these areas, because he said today that that creates jobs. That would fix the problem. It always does, right? Unemployment benefits create jobs. So why is he proposing tax breaks businesses to hire people in poverty zones? Why?

If extending unemployment benefits creates jobs, then what is this tax cuts to hire people? We don’t need to hire anybody. The unemployment benefits create jobs! That’s what he said. Folks, do you realize how seriously insane all of this is, how insultingly stupid all of this is? “Unemployment benefits create jobs. If we don’t extend them, we could lose jobs. Paying people not to work will create jobs.” I don’t know about you, but the man needs to be laughed out of town.



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