Let’s Make the White House Correspondents Dinner an Awards Show

I always thought it was an award to the liberal media.
Check it out:

My idea to totally redo the White House Correspondents Dinner with awards for Biggest Fraud of the Year, Best Recovery From a Scandal, Best Lie for a Successful Purpose, Best Supporting Lie, Largest Secret Donor Contributions, Biggest Under-the-Table Payoff, Best Hoax Of The Year, Most Insincere Apology, if we did a show with awards like that, oh, can you imagine? And it would be real! That’s how people look at politics. Instead this phony one-night get-together where people that hate each other’s guts act like they all love each other and they’re all on the same team, which actually may be more truthful than we know.

But for my purposes they put together this boring little show. I mean, the most exciting thing about the White House Correspondents Dinner is who the prettiest actress is that shows up and at whose table. The politicians are sitting there with saliva just dropping to the floor from their open mouths as they’re salivating, ’cause politics is show biz for the ugly. I just came to the conclusion, those Grammys last night, say what you want, they were more substantive than anything in politics is. Politics is phony, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roll. At least these people were really being given awards for serious achievements. I mean, they had sold items, sold best song, best album, best record, whatever.



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