Legalization Throws Our Kids Under the Bus

The lies that are told about this drug are amazing.
Check it out:

The new way the left is trying to distract us is the continuing saga of legalization of drugs, specifically, now, marijuana. This is bad news for our society, but it’s really bad news for our kids.

I will preface this entire article with the following: I am virulently anti-drug, including pot. In past discussions, I have heard ridiculous arguments that other things like trans fats, white sugar (yes, really), tobacco and alcohol are more harmful than pot. As it pertains to our kids, I will address that fallacy. If the only argument for legalization was that as adults we have the right to make choices, even ones that harm us, as much as I hate drugs, I would say fine, individual liberty trumps. However, there is more at stake here than the selfish choices of addicted adults…our children. Even in a free society, the needs of our vulnerable children trump the individual liberty of adults.



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