The Left Throws More Cultural Garbage

The sad things is how many people believe the liberal lies.
Check it out:

From CBS Eyeball News Atlanta: “Childless couples have happier marriages, says a new study. Researchers at the Open University in the United Kingdom –” That’s the name of it, Open University, UK. “– interviewed and surveyed over 5,000 people and found that men and women without children are more satisfied with their relationships; they are also more likely to feel valued by their partner,” if there aren’t any kids running around. The participants included people of all ages, statuses, and sexual orientation.

“‘Saying “thank you” and giving compliments emerged as one of the most important factor in keeping a relationship healthy across all groups.'” Saying “thank you” and giving compliments. “Researchers also found that women without children were the least happy with life overall, however they did find that mothers were happier than any other group.”

So let’s read that sentence again and get an idea here of trying to figure this out. Researchers found women without children were the least happy with life, and they found that mothers — that would be women with children, for those of you in Rio Linda — were happier than any other group. Okay, what are we to make of this? Women with children, mothers, were happier than any other group, but couples without children have the happier marriages.

“The researchers were also able to determine that people who had been in a long-term relationship before were more likely to know how to sustain their next one.” Practice makes perfect. This thing is just full of contradictions. Long-term relationship, but yet here’s another one. Well, what happened to the first long-term relationship? Busted up. Probably had something to do with the kids.

“Dr. Jacqui Gabb, a senior lecturer in social policy at the Open University and lead author on the study told the Daily Telegraph: ‘This is a shift away from the idea that they are just failed relationships to be put in a cupboard and forgotten about. It shows they have learnt something through them, therefore it can be an enriching experience.’ The one big difference researchers found between men and women were that mothers more twice as likely to say their children are the most important person in their lives while fathers said it was their partner.”



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