The “Law of the Land,” Mr. Speaker?

Think of what we could do with a conservative speaker.
Check it out:

Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t our current immigration law the law of the land? Right. And our current immigration law, that is the law of the land, is not being enforced, correct? But it’s the law of the land. So, what’s wrong with it? I mean, we can’t change it, right? And yet Boehner wants to change it. Well, I have a story right here. This is from Matthew Boyle, and this is, the headline: “House Conservatives Plot Takedown of GOP Leaders’ Amnesty Plans.” And here’s the story.

“As House Republican leaders prepare an immigration proposal that could go much further towards amnesty than their prior public stances, conservative lawmakers are quietly plotting to push back. Aides from over a dozen House offices secretly convened today on the Senate side of the Capitol at a meeting organized by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a top immigration hawk who has recently involved himself more aggressively in the affairs of the lower chamber. ‘Over here in the Senate working for Senator Sessions, we learned a lot last year about the strategies employed by the powerful forces pushing bad immigration policies–and how to counter them,’ reads a copy of the invitation to the meeting provided to Breitbart News by a House staffer.”

So, I mean, upshot here is that you take a look at any national poll, immigration reform, amnesty, it’s nowhere near the top when people are asked to name the most important issues they think are facing the country. No reason to do this. And yet the Republican leadership is as desirous and as action oriented, if not more so, than the Democrat majority is in pushing for amnesty. Yet it’s the law of the land. But the House Republican leadership wants to go for it. Now, we know why. Chamber of Commerce and moneyed donors.

Donors to mainstream Republicans are saying they want amnesty, they need the new cheap labor, they can’t keep going like this. They need it and they’ll do anything they can to get it. If it takes amnesty, fine. They don’t care about the cultural impact or the rest of it; they just need the labor. And these people depend on these donors for reelection, and so that explains it. Yet it’s the law of the land.



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