LA Times: The Real Villain of the Wendy Davis Story Is Bristol Palin

Liberals are so funny when trying to distract people from their lies.
Check it out:

LA Times writer Paul Thornton has been following the many scandals surrounding Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis: her lies about her personal life, her lack of identifiable political ideology, the attacks on her opponent Greg Abbott. Yet to Thornton, it isn’t Davis who comes out looking worst in this ordeal: it’s “sexist” Bristol Palin.

In a column in the LA Times Thursday, Thornton declared Davis a “hero (and I really mean hero)” because her daughters, in open letters to the voters of Texas, say Davis was “a fine mother.” Had he stopped at praising Davis for going from community college to law school with two children in tow, his piece would have been insipid and benign. Instead, Thornton takes aim at critics of Davis, personalizing the piece by telling the story of his childhood memories when he felt the stigma of single motherhood. Those that attack Davis’s life story, he contends, bring us back to a time “not long after Dan Quayle blamed society’s ills on Murphy Brown,” a time that can be very damaging for the children of single mothers.

To make his point, he attacks Bristol Palin.



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