Know Nothing Obama Makes Excuses for Wrecking the Constitution

Does anyone really believe Obama will rein anything in? All he will do is hide it better.
Check it out:

Obama’s aides claim he was surprised to learn about NSA surveillance. “Mr. Obama was surprised to learn after leaks by Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor, just how far the surveillance had gone,” the New York Times reported earlier this week.

Obama’s aides were also surprised. “Things seem to have grown at the N.S.A.,” David Plouffe, Obama sidekick and trusty advisor, told the newspaper, citing the surveillance of foreign leaders’ phones. “I think it was disturbing to most people, and I think he found it disturbing.”

Despite his alleged ignorance of NSA snooping, the Times tells us that as an Illinois senator Obama “supported robust surveillance as long as it was legal and appropriate,” whatever that means (normally it would mean respect for the Fourth Amendment and court-issued warrants), but once in the White House he changed his mind.

Story after story underscore constitutional law professor Obama’s remarkable conversion (in fact, Obama was a constitutional law lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, not a professor, a useful skill now that he is the federal government’s chief teleprompter reader).



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