“The Jobs Americans Won’t Do”

The only reason there are jobs Americans won’t do is because we pay them more to sit at home. Stop paying them not to work and they’ll go out and do those jobs.
Check it out:

I’ve got so many problems with all of this. This business that there are jobs Americans won’t do, I’ve had problems with that ever since I first heard that from an economist friend who tried to explain it to me. He believed it, thought it was rational. I’ve had problems with it instinctively from the first time I heard it. “Well, there are certain jobs Americans won’t do. Americans’ job expectations have gone way past picking lettuce.”

Okay, fine. We’ve got 90 million Americans not working, almost 91 million Americans not working. That is more people than live in Germany. As you well know, if the unemployment rate actually counted people who no longer were looking for work — who’ve given up — the real unemployment rate would be 11-point-something percent. With 90 million Americans not working, how can there be jobs Americans won’t do? And yet it’s probably true. And the reason is how much we’re paying people not to work. That’s why there are jobs Americans won’t do, is because of how much we’re paying them not to work. Pure and simple, folks.

Okay, so we’ve got an overcrowding problem in our prisons in California. How about letting them out, pick lettuce, pick peaches, and pay them whatever the going rate would be that you pay an illegal? My only point is there are all kinds of solutions here that do not involve massive comprehensive amnesty or immigration reform. Reduce the corporate tax rate that these farms are paying. Reduce what they have to give to the government so they can pay a higher wage.

So the jobs will become those Americans will do. “But, Rush, Americans are not gonna go to the fields and sweat.” Okay, I got a solution for that. If it’s back-breaking work — and we’re told it’s really tough, I mean, it is hard, back-breaking work, then that’s what you do for college and pro football players. You send them there instead of summer training camp. You get ’em in shape. There’s no concussions.

There’s no blown knees, no strained ankles, just a bunch of people sweating in the hot sun, getting ready for football season. Now, I know it’s a stretch. I’m just giving you examples here. There are all kinds of solutions to this. But look at how much we’re paying people not to work? That’s why there are jobs Americans won’t do. And then factor in, we don’t have the money we are paying people not to work.



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