Jobless benefits bill clears key Senate hurdle

Paying people not to work is ridiculous. Unemployment was supposed to be a hand up until you could find a new job, not a new way of life. There are other jobs and people will do them once government stops paying them not to work.
Check it out:

A controversial jobless benefits bill narrowly cleared a key Senate hurdle on Tuesday, over the objections of Republicans who complain the $6 billion measure is not paid for and accuse Democrats of playing politics.

Senators voted 60-37 to advance the bill extending long-term jobless benefits, which expired Dec. 28. Democrats needed 60 votes to move the bill forward.

“Today, I think we have given a bit of hope to millions of Americans, who are struggling in a difficult economy to find jobs, who are struggling to provide sustenance to their families,” Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., said after the vote.

But Republicans blasted Democratic leaders for pushing the bill without any plan to offset the cost elsewhere in the budget.



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