Insurance Company Bailout Could Be Next

Obama wants this to fail so government can take over totally.
Check it out:

There is no way that they can even operate anywhere close to profitability, which means they’re soon to go out of business, which is also by design. But now the Regime… You may have heard the whispers. The Regime is floating the possibility of maybe bailing out the insurance companies just for a while. Now, the Regime and everybody the Democrat Party, their dream is socialized, nationalized medicine. That’s called “single payer.”

The term “single payer” sounds great, and it is a disguise term. Single payer? Well, yeah, I’m all for that Mabel, single payer. But what it really means is bye-bye private-sector health care and insurance. It means the government is in charge of all of it, and most people don’t want that. Single payer doesn’t really convey that to the low-information voter. That’s what the Democrats want.

But they’re not ready for it, as we see.

They can’t even run what they’ve done now. They can’t even do this. It’s just an absolute disaster. So they need a little more time to get ready for single payer, which means they need the insurance companies in the private sector to stay in business a little longer than they intended, which means they may have to bail ’em out like they bailed out GM and like they bailed out a bunch of “green” sector energy companies and so forth, and like they bailed out anybody else they wanted to bail out, bankers and Wall Street.

They may have to bail out the insurance companies, and that would be an absolute disaster. We don’t have to money for this kind of thing. It’s just a total disaster. So what these attorneys general are doing, finally… If you have a president who’s gonna ignore the Constitution, he’s gonna get away with it if there’s no push-back. He’s gonna get away with it, if nobody says, “No, stop, you can’t.” He’s gonna get away with it if there’s no challenge. So it’s at least a start.

But that means that there are 38 or so other state attorneys general who are not joining the lawsuit. Many of them are Democrat. Of course, they’re not gonna join Republicans in this. But in so doing, they are endorsing impeachable acts by the president. They’re endorsing it. He’s behaving in ways that are illegal. He does not have the constitutional authority to do what he’s doing. He can’t just snap his fingers and change any law, whether it’s got his name on it or not.



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