Illegal Lawyer: If You Don’t Like It, Fix It

The one thing that fixes all illegals is deportation.
Check it out:

Remember the story yesterday, the illegal immigrant who is now allowed to practice law. The State Supreme Court of California said that an illegal alien can certainly get a law license in California and can practice law. CNN caught up with the guy. Sergio Garcia is his name, and the question is, “There are critics who look at this and say that there’s an irony, that you’re now able to practice law even though you don’t really have legal status here. You broke the law coming to this country, and now you can practice law. What do you do say, Sergio, about that irony?”

GARCIA: “I would I would say, you know, at first blush I might be the easiest response but in reality if you look at all the facts I was brought here as a minor. I immediately applied for a green card. That has been approved, and I’ve been waiting for 19 years. I think if somebody’s frustrated with that or has some issues with that, I think the federal government is the one to be addressing. And, you know, talking to both Republicans and Democrats in DC and telling them to get their act together and fix this immigration system.”

So you don’t like that I’m a lawyer, change the system. But I’m a lawyer now. At least I can become one. I’ve got a law license.



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