Hillary is Inevitable Again?

Hillary is a piece of work. It is amazing that she is a serious candidate. But liberals don’t really care about truth.
Check it out:

So now we’re just repeating history. Now we’re back. I’ll never forget it. Let me get the year right. It was February 2007, and a very famous person who was in a state of great fear said to me, “There’s a 75% chance, as we sit here right now, that Hillary Clinton’s gonna be the next president of the United States.” I said, “Well, we have to stop that.” He said, “You’re damn right we do.” It was just assumed, in February 2007, that Hillary’s the next president.

It was just assumed — and then out of nowhere, as you say, here came the Bamster and upset all of these supposedly etched-in-stone plans. Well, guess what? We’re back there again, and all of a sudden it’s Hillary. So I’m gonna ask you: When is the last time the Democrat front-runner outside of an incumbent got the nomination? They’re just acting on the same stuff. It’s just history repeating itself. “Hillary’s automatic,” and Christie was the only guy beating her in polls so they have to take Christie out.

I try not to get caught up in this.



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