Here’s an Idea: Just Give Democrats What They Want and Get the Issue Off the Table

If we stop fighting, we will become a communist nation.
Check it out:

That’s where we are now. We’re at another end date. And guess what? We’re gonna extend again. Since 2008 I don’t know how many end dates we’ve had, but it’s a lot of them. Damn it, the economy just stays stubborn. It just isn’t improving out there. And a lot of people, it’s tough times. We gotta do what we can to help, but we’ve gotta put an end date to this so it doesn’t become an entitlement. I’d say it’s an entitlement. I’d say after 2008 and 99 weeks of being paid while you’re not working, I think it’s become an entitlement. This is only for three months, and I’m telling you at the end of three months it isn’t gonna be any different. In fact, the only thing that’s gonna be different is it’s gonna be closer to the election, so they’ll come back and do it again.

What they ought to do, the Republicans ought to just say, “Let’s just extend ’em for the rest of the year and put it off the table.” That’s the Republicans’ usual plan. Just agree with the Democrats and then get it off the table and then Republicans will say, “We’ll come back and we’ll nail ’em on the debt limit, or we’ll nail ’em on the debt ceiling, or we’ll nail ’em on the budget.” So if they were to stay in character, the Republicans would say, “In an attempt to steal the compassion issue –” In fact, I’m gonna suggest this right now.

Attention inside-the-Beltway Republicans. The way to deal with this is to tell the Democrats not three months, you want to extend these emergency benefits to the end of the year and get it off the table. Take the issue away from the Democrats so you can’t be hurt by it during the campaign. And I guarantee you if there are any inside-the-Beltway Republicans who just heard this, they’ll think it’s brilliant and they might actually propose it. “My God, if we got Limbaugh on our side on this what’s to stop us?” Well, it’s what they’ve been doing with every issue, agree with it, get it off the table so it doesn’t hurt us. That’s why they’re doing with amnesty, let’s just get rid of it. The issue’s killing us.



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