GOP Elites Were Never Reaganites

The insiders come to care about power instead of doing what is right.
Check it out:

If you let the media make you, the media can destroy you. If you let ’em make you, they can break you — and if you’re a Republican and you try to cultivate media love and support, they’re eventually gonna turn on you because you are not them. You are not a Democrat. You are not a leftist. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, you’ve got an (R) next to your name on a ballot.

You are going down.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve said and what you believe and whether or not you’ve made them like you. You are going down. Now, as to why don’t the Republicans learn from the Reagan example? You should know, if you don’t — we’ve mentioned it numerous times here, so I’m sorry to be redundant — even during the Reagan era, the Republican Party establishment was not supportive. Privately, they were not happy with what was going on, and the first moment they had after Reagan left office to start sweeping all that away, they took it.

They are not conservative.

They haven’t been conservative, the Republican establishment, for a long time, and they don’t intend to be — and that’s that.



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