Is This the GOP Amnesty Plan?

What do you think is going to happen during an election year? I’m betting on caving to liberals.
Check it out:

It wasn’t that long ago — certainly within the last year and a half — that I, in an almost facetious way, said, “You know what? If you want to grant ’em amnesty, do it. You just say they can’t vote for 25 years.” I said, “Let’s see how many people support that,” ’cause the point of amnesty is replacing upwardly mobile members of the Democrat permanent underclass. The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass of dependent people voting for them for never-ending entitlement benefits.

As people in a normal American economy are upwardly mobile and escape the lower quintiles of income level and start doing better as they get older — which used to happen before Obama, by the way — then the Democrat Party underclass had to be replaced. As people were upwardly mobile for the economy, becoming more prosperous, they became less dependent on government, and the Democrats needed a replacement. Well, that’s what amnesty is.

Amnesty. Talk “undocumented aliens,” “undocumented immigrants.” It’s unregistered Democrats, is the way it’s looked at — and to a certain extent, some of the Republican Party think that, yeah, we can get some of those voters, too! If we let them know we like them, if we let them know we love them — if we let the Hispanics know that we’re not racist or sexist or whatever it is, that we don’t want them thinking that of us — we can get their votes.

So they are joining the Democrats ’cause the Chamber of Commerce wants these workers and it’s heavy Republican donors. So both parties are making a move on this. Now, what’s interesting is that the Republican Party plan that is being talked about behind closed doors would not grant citizenship. It would grant legal status and leave the question of citizenship out of the legislation. In other words, they can work but they cannot vote. That’s part one.

Part two is, a House Republican retreat later this month could help Republican leaders devise a strategery. Some Republicans and Democrats say that John Boehner could wait until after the filing deadlines for 2014 primary elections before announcing any of this. That would protect some incumbents from Tea Party challenges or other conservative challenges in the primaries, and that would mean — if they do that, if they wait ’til after the filing deadline — nothing happens on this until April.

So the strategery here on the Republican side basically has two elements: Don’t do anything until April ’til after the filing deadline so that the Tea Party is not ginned up and trying to primary some of these people that would otherwise vote for this. The second thing is, to tell us not to worry, that this isn’t amnesty. “We’re gonna make ’em legal but we’re not gonna grant ’em citizenship. They’re not gonna be able to vote. So you don’t have any problem with this, folks.



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