Some interesting points here. Does this disqualify Glenn Beck as a true conservative?
Check it out:

Now it all makes sense. This week I heard Glenn Beck on his radio show, talking about his pro-gay stance. I could never figure out why Glenn Beck and his organization, his Mike Opelka, and his Donelly of the 9`12-ers, had been cold to me, in some cases downright mean. It’s the gay thing!! So many divisions in the conservative movement!

He said Donelly ran a gay parade! No wonder why she never returned my call. I publicly said there should not be homosexual themes on primetime TV shows like Glee where innocent children are watching and thus being indoctrinated into anti-Biblical ideas and lifestyles.

I publicly stood up for Biblical principles, that’s all. I don’t dislike any people group. I got a lot of flack from the media.

So, I guess Glenn Beck is now including the conservative gays, and excluding the conservative Bible-thumpers like me. Sigh.

I guess Mormons don’t take the Holy Bible so seriously, because their main book is the Book of Mormon, which I suppose doesn’t mention that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord.

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