Georgia Senate Committee Passes Resolution Calling for a Convention of States

Excellent news! Will Georgia be the first to get it through?

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Check it out:

The Peach State is making history. Lawmakers passed a preliminary measure Friday that puts pressure on Washington to get its act together. The resolution calls for a convention of states where leaders will have the power to change the US Constitution.

Friday marked the first of many hurdles for Senate Resolution 736. State lawmakers believe Washington is too big, too power, and spends too much money. They are hoping this resolution will give power back to the states.

Fifteen-year-old Amelia Boland is concerned about the country’s future.

“Right now, it’s like we’re on iron rails and unless we do something, then we’re going down path,” Boland said.

That is why she and her family drove up to the Gold Dome from Macon to join dozens of other people from across the state who support SR 736. State Senator Cecil Staton filed it last week. It calls for a convention of states under Article Five of the US Constitution.

“People are concerned about the federal government, runaway expenses, a bloated government, bureaucracy, too many federal regulations,” Staton told 41NBC.



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