Our Future Hinges on Our View of Freedom

With all the communists we elect, I’m not very confident about our future. Conservatives need to get active or we are doomed.
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I also have something I want to get into today, something a little philosophical. Well, I say it’s philosophical. It’s probably the way I’m gonna approach it. I ran into a piece today by Dr. Eamonn Butler at the AdamSmith.org Web page, and he comments on a book that he’s reading. It’s Daniel Hannan, the English member of parliament who has a new book out called “How We Invented Freedom And Why It Matters.”

It illustrates a major difference in the perception of freedom on the continent, meaning in Europe, as opposed to Great Britain, the island. And Great Britain. Well, actually it equates the two, and it points out the differences in the way we in America have always looked at freedom versus the way it’s always been looked at in Europe, and not just the socialist Democracies of Europe, but also the communist countries. It’s one of these esoteric things, but it actually isn’t esoteric. It’s fundamentally important and the best way to illustrate it is this.

In the United States, we as citizens presume that everything is legal until a law is written making it illegal. It’s something that we’re taught, but it’s also something that we just assume. So important is freedom to us, and so adequately, precisely defined and spelled out in our founding documents, all men are created equal, endowed by their creator. So we’re born free, we are born yearning to be free. That’s the natural spirit, the natural human spirit, and we just assume everything’s legal until there’s a law saying it isn’t.

But you go to Europe and many other parts around the world, and the presumption is just the opposite. It is that everything is illegal until there’s a law making it legal. And that, to me, is fascinating. I think there’s no question about it. It actually illustrates why and how so many people are totally subservient to the state. When you assume as an individual that everything is illegal until somebody makes it legal, you are essentially denying — whether you know it or not — the basic tenets of freedom as you are born. It also leads to statism. It leads to all-powerful governments. It leads to people giving up freedom and assuming, in fact, that they never had it, that freedom is what is given to them by the state. That’s never been us.



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