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  • patriotusa2

    I won’t be listening to any more of his phony speeches. It’s the same old, same old, over and over again. Rhetoric, replete with lies, promises, and blame for all his failures on someone else.

  • jong

    He will not mention obummer care much for the simple reason it has not worked and would but a dampner on his whole rant (not speech). He will attack the Republicans trying to make them into “nasty people” that refuse to let him make a “marxist utopia” out of the United States. If we are very lucky some one will once again get up and call him a liar and lets see how many members of the Supreme Court do not show up.

    • Washington22

      I was thinking the same thing. What if about 40 members stand up and in unison call out LIAR ? Maybe I SHOULD watch……………………

  • HarryTheCat

    I’ve got it!…we can make a drinking game out of this. Let’s face it. You just can’t watch this Bozo if you’re sober. Every time ol’ Barry says “I” you have to down another shot. Given his huge ego, don’t plan on being sober enough to drive for at least a month.

    • Washington22


  • patriotforrevo

    5 things to watch…. My Cats Playing, The Birds Flying, Paint Drying on the Wall, Grass Growing and Duck Dynasty! Anything BUT, that PieceOCrap Liar!

    • Washington22


    • Rick

      I’ll definitely stick to Duck Dynasty.

  • Old1946vet

    The people who have been ‘screwed over” by this President and the Demon party won’t be watching this speech.

  • Remington 870

    Have no intention watching Liar obama speak. This egotistical Fraud occupying the White House does not deserve any intelligent person’s attention. Sort of like watching & Listening to Hitler, but Hitler did not use a teleprompter.

    • Washington22

      I wonder how low the ratings will drop on that speech ???? Can’t wait to hear what a failure the networks have that night.

      • Remington 870

        Great question….but we will never hear any Truth about the dismal ratings from these obama whore networks. Plan to watch Netflix that night and not ruin my blood pressure.

      • Washington22

        No, I’ll get my figures from FOX. They’ll produce the truth about the dismal figures. I’ll bet millions tune to another program, as you are doing. I used to feel compelled to “follow’ the president, whoever he was, just to be informed, but I can’t take anymore of this guy………… way, no how…….His lying is beyond belief. The only thing I’d be sorry I missed is if someone, or in fact, if a group of them, had the courage to stand up and shout “you lie” again…………Now that would be a horrible thing to miss, altho it would be repeated a thousand times, so it would be alright to miss “out of the gate”….

  • 83footsailor

    I don’t plan on watching that TYRANT FRAUD flap his gums – lie after LIE after LIE .
    I will listen to the rebuttle from The Rep, from Washington State – who has much more to offer than OBONZO – theat TYRANT – FRAUD – PHONY.
    The 2014 mid term elections will put a stop to this tyrant if they are held correctly – ONE VOTE one time per voter. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • Washington22

      Yes, I’ll watch the rebuttals……………….they might even be funny, contradicting so much of what he says…………President O’scam-artist bloviating again………….He never shut his yap !

  • Patrick Henry

    Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies and of course more lies!!!!!!! Would you expect anything else from him???

  • Washington22

    I don’t plan to watch the state-of-lies speech given by THE O’liar-in-chief………How can he expect anyone to believe one thing he says…..???? I’ll bet millions DON’T watch, more than any other time in history. Viewership should TANK. .I’d like for Fox to report on this fact the next day……..What a hoot !

  • Ed Shick

    When do we get to hear a trial for Treason ! i know what he deserves !!

  • Lou

    Won’t be watching I can sit on my couch and make up all the lies I want…….

  • maryatlanta

    I probably won’t watch the State of the Union Address. I can not watch this man. Why would anyone believe him? Lies, lies, lies. It does not matter how charismatic you are if you are a fraud and have no credibility. Obama can read the teleprompter convincingly. The content of what he says is a sham. No integrity, no ethics no respect for our nation, US laws. the US Constitution or the lives of millions of Americans who are suffering because of his policies. I think he probably takes delight in the State of the Union, it is in crisis.

  • joepotato

    It will be interesting to see how the BSM puts a spin on it… We don’t need the Imposter in Chief aka the Con Man from H3!! to inform us that his agenda to destroy the nation will proceed…

  • ron44

    One will not be truth,,you can take that to the bank,,it will be another blame grandstand show with all of the usual suspects lined up behind MR. Transparency himself…

  • DJ

    I know what he will do. He will blame ME!

  • Ilene

    He will blame Republicans, Tea Party, and conservatives. He will say the rich need to pay more.

  • Take 2

    It will be well posed well polled scripted of past spearheaded election half truths ie lies. That’s what media will lap up and never force full whole truths. No correction or investigating.

    • rs1123

      What gets me is when the talking heads seriously go over his speech afterward and cull out points for serious discussion – when nothing he says is worth more than being wiped on toilet paper.

      • Take 2

        We can pray that Obama Jr Dunham or Davis resigns his post in trade for no astrex or prison sentence or wooden nose.

  • rs1123

    1. Are his lips moving? He is lying.
    2. Can you hear his voice? He is lying.
    3. Will he blame others for his problems? He is making excuses as always.
    4. Will he claim to love this country? He is LYING.
    5. Will he blame someone else for his problems? Of course.

    • pegichase

      Well said. Don’t plan to watch or listen. I’m at the point where when he shows up on TV, I either mute the sound or fast forward the DVR.

  • Skeptical_Boomer

    For the sixth time he will lie and tell us how he is going to lazer focus on creating jobs.

  • lokiswife

    He has absolutely nothing he can brag about, and everything to lie about, minimize and blame on conservatives, Republicans, FOX news and Rush Limbaugh.


    I’m sick of hearing Obuthole puting down the Republicans and the they just sit back and not say a word. Their there to stand up for the people that voted them in. All your doing is making us look like fools. Do your dam jobs. RHINO PANZZY ASSES.