Dying Kalashnikov felt guilt over blood spilled by AK-47

Liberals must have gotten to him. One of the most reliable weapons ever made should have made him proud.
Check it out:

As AK-47 inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov neared death, the man whose gun became one of the world’s most prolific killing machines wrestled with guilt from the countless lives taken with his invention, telling a church leader “my soul aches.”

The inventor, who died last month at age 94, wrote a letter to the Russian Orthodox Church’s top leader, Kirill I, six months prior to his death, expressing his remorse and asking if creating the gun favored by Muslim terrorists around the world and known by his last name made him guilty. Some 100 million AK-47s have been manufactured, and used to kill countless people in conflicts throughout the globe.

“My soul aches; it is unbearable. I face the same unsolvable question: If my gun killed people, then I, Mikhailo Kalashnikov, 93 years old, a peasant’s son, a Christian and Orthodox believer, is guilty in people’s death, even if they were enemies,” Kalashnikov wrote, according to a report in the Russian newspaper Izvestia.



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