Dobson stirs the pot and gets people jumping on both sides.
Check it out:

The lesson here is that those who support traditional marriage and the family can still influence the morality of the nation.

Their struggle is not against homosexuals and lesbians who are fighting for human dignity. It is in vigorous opposition to activists who want to redefine marriage, teach children a different concept of “family,” oppose the legalization of polygamy, prevent boys and girls from sharing the bathrooms and lockers of the opposite sex, oppose President Obama’s unfair “marriage penalty tax,” oppose legalization of adoption by homosexuals, protect the rights of Christian ministers to preach biblical truths from their pulpits and to protect the First Amendment rights of all Americans to speak publically against political correctness in the culture at large.

Conservative Christians hold passionately to an entirely different system of values and cherish their constitutional rights to defend those beliefs in the public square.

I am grateful for the citizens who spoke boldly against the “gay marriage float” on Jan.1. They were heard in the centers of power.

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