Dictators Don’t Let the Law Stop Them

Dictators around the world are jealous of what Obama has been able to accomplish.
Check it out:

The dirty little secret is that it was never intended to stimulate; it was payoffs to government employee unions and insurance against them being laid off, because all of that is a very intricately woven web of deceit called “money laundering.” The federal government makes sure that union jobs are not eliminated. The people in those jobs pay dues. The dues end up back in the coffers of the Democrat Party and various candidates, because nobody knows how much the unions spend funding Democrat politicians.

So here you take $1 trillion and you put it in “the private sector,” but the vast majority of it goes to state employee unions? Most of that money is gonna come back to the Democrat Party. It was a money-laundering scheme. There was no economic stimulus in this at all, and any economist worth his salt and honest could have said so at the time. Now, there are a bunch of leftist economists who are idiots and do not understand what I just told you and really do believe in this stimulus effect.

But it wasn’t possible. Mathematically it wasn’t possible. Besides, the money was not sent to the private sector in areas that it would stimulate any kind of economic growth. The bridge repairs and road repairs and school spruce-ups. None of the money went there. Folks, it was bogus from the get-go. It was a trick, it was a gigantic trick, and it didn’t stimulate anything except the Democrat Party. That’s all it stimulated. And so the economy had no prayer of growing because of the stimulus. Any economists who said so was simply grossly wrong or dishonest.

And so Obama is saying (imitating Obama), “Well, you know, I’ve done everything. I’ve tried, I’ve worked as hard as I can to create jobs and grow the economy, and those Republicans are standing in my way, to hell with them. I’m just gonna start with my phone and my pen, executive orders to fix this.” Well, the stimulus, I mean, people voted on it, but it was the same kind of stuff he’s talking about doing now. Everything he’s doing is resulting in shrinking the private sector, which is where your job is and where your career is and where your child’s jobs and career happen to be. That is shrinking. Obama is taking more of it each and every day. Health care takes one-sixth of it.

You simply cannot shrink the private sector to the degree Obama has, and at the same time expect there to be massive growth in private sector economic activity, such as jobs, such as careers. Add to this 92 million Americans not working, not in the labor force. This is the biggest scam.



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