Why Dennis Rodman’s Actions Have Gone Too Far

The real question should be who is controlling Rodman? He’s not smart enough to be involved to the depth that he is.
Check it out:

During his playing days Dennis Rodman was no stranger to the spotlight due to his skill and outrageous antics. The former NBA star has returned to the headlines once again for his growing relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Considering the tentative relationship that the United States has withNorth Korea, Rodman’s willingness to befriend Jong Un seems to be in poor taste.

Rodman’s trips to Korea are not associated with any peacekeeping group and were not diplomatic efforts sanctioned by the United States. Rather, the former Hall of Famer is on his own mission of which the motivations remain a mystery. Regardless of his reasoning, Rodman’s affinity for North Korea and its leader has not received positive feedback from the American public or its officials.



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