Democrats Celebrate 50 Years of Defeat in the War on Poverty

Liberals aren’t fighting poverty, they are enabling it and making the poor dependent on government.
Check it out:

Still unbelievable: $20.7 trillion effectively spent on the War on Poverty, but it’s where that money came from. Just round it off, $20 trillion. That’s more than the national debt, folks. The national debt’s $17 trillion. Twenty trillion to wipe out poverty. And of course it hasn’t wiped out poverty. That money has been transferred, redistributed via taxes from producers to non-producers and it still hasn’t made any difference.

The Democrat Party claims to want to help people. What they actually do is grow government. What they’re really interested in is expanding government, not helping people. Conservatives literally, factually want to help people. Have you ever noticed, I’m sure you have. It may not have registered, but when I point it out to you, you’ll go, “Oh, yeah.” The American left, the Democrat Party, is this close to claiming the war on drugs is a failure. And there are many elements of this in the Democrat Party, “Come on, we’re making it worse with what we’re doing. The war on drugs is just making it worse. We’re creating this mystique. We’re making criminals out of people. It’s an absolute disaster. We gotta stop this war on drugs. It’s an absolute failure.”

Where is that thinking in the War on Poverty? Interesting, isn’t it? I think it is. By the way, one thing on this, before I get to the Ronaldus Magnus sound bites, also from 1964. You just heard LBJ, and you heard his view the country, which is identical to the Democrat Party’s view of America today. They look out and they see a decrepit education system that they have been running for all of these years. It’s amazing. You listen to LBJ, and it’s the same language. “We need to increase our education spending. We need affordable housing. We need job training. We need health care improvement.”

It’s the same stuff they’re saying today. And it’s they who’ve been in charge for most of these years trying to fix all this stuff. What are we up to now, 20 grand a student in New Jersey. For 20 grand a student, you know what you could do? You could hire the best professors wherever you find ’em, whatever university you wanted, you could hire the best professors for every class, you could hire limousines to take every kid to and from school every day, and you could take the kid across the bridge to 21 for lunch in Manhattan for what we are spending per student on education in New Jersey or New York.

You look at New York, the dropout rate, New York City, 50%, folks. Washington, DC, ditto. Look at the amount of money we’re spending. And, of course, you mention this to the left. “Well, you can’t look at it that way. That’s not a correct picture, the amount of money per student. That doesn’t tell you anything.” What the hell it doesn’t tell us anything. It sure as hell does. Where’s that money going? What’s it buying? It certainly isn’t buying improved education, test scores, what have you. It’s propping up a bunch of union people in jobs, is what it’s doing. It’s not being spent on education. It’s being used to pay off unions for their loyal support of the Democrat Party, in large measure.



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