The Democrat Party Owns Single Women

They own them with lies like an abusive husband.
Check it out:

Single women are already bought and paid for and owned by the Democrat Party, pure and simple. The Democrat Party is the absentee father, absentee husband. The Democrat Party’s the risk taker, the Democrat Party’s the provider, by definition and on purpose. They have already blocked, as you say, that group. And they’ve also — you know, I don’t have enough time to develop it fully and I need to develop it fully what I’m gonna say next about how they’re doing this. So Angela, I appreciate you starting the fire here, and I will pour gasoline on the flames tomorrow. There really isn’t time here, folks, because there’s something else the Democrats are doing where women are concerned that, if you call ’em on it, they just have a cow. And it’s demeaning as hell, if you ask me. But it’s working for them.

Look at how Rand Paul is being pilloried for simply pointing out the historical fact that Bill Clinton was a sexual predator. Rand Paul is being pilloried for that and they’re twisting it into an attack on Hillary.



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