Cuomo to Conservatives: Get Out of NY

Doesn’t seem like liberals have a filter installed on their mouths.
Check it out:

Have you heard about Andrew Cuomo basically telling conservatives from New York, “Get the hell out of the state; if you’re pro-life, we don’t want you here”? You remember, who was that? Who was the governor? David Paterson. Remember David Paterson? The left laughed about this — and, of course, in my own way, I did, too.

But, nevertheless, Paterson was talking about raising taxes on the rich, and somebody told him that I had already fled the state because taxes had gone up. And he said, “Well, hell, if I had known that we could get rid of Rush Limbaugh, I would have raised taxes sooner.” (clapping) Everybody in New York applauded. So now here the sitting governor… Can you imagine? By the way, I’m getting a little worn out on this argument, but nevertheless people make it.

It was last week Governor Cuomo told the Capitol Pressroom that those who disagree with him politically should just leave the state. Just leave. If you’re pro-life, we don’t want you in this state. We don’t have any room for you in this state, particularly pro-life, but if you’re conservative, get out. It’s not being covered. I mean, it’s covered in New York a little bit, scantily, and it’s amusing — and in some places, it’s being cheered.

Of course there’ll be people saying, “Can you imagine if a Republican governor had said this?” Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course! You know, that argument in itself is indicative of a great imbalance that exists. Because everybody knows what would happen if a Republican did what Cuomo did, but it doesn’t change anything. “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! If you had a Republican say that, they’d run the Republican out of the state.”



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